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I recently had an hour long (very intense) debate with one of my web designers over accessibility. He knows I’m the “self-appointed accessibility goddess at UT”…and yet, he still thought accessibility was optional on a specific project he was doing for me.

He thought, “no blind person will ever use this content” and it made him really angry that I would require him to add alt. We spent more time arguing about the issue than it would have taken him to fix it. But…the time was well spent, because it was a deep seated philosophy and I think I finally found a way to help him see why it really is a worthwhile endeavor. It wasn’t until I got to SEO that he even started to think it might be valuable to add alt.

When it comes right down to it, web designers can still fall prey to the “this is a waste of my time”. And that is where our opportunity lies. We need to uncover those deeply hidden beliefs and examine them in the day light, listen to the reasons why they think it is a waste of time…and then…carefully respond with real reasons why it is worth it.

Written on my white board is an accessibility rule of thumb I proposed to my designer. It reads:

Accessibility Goal = 100% (but since I can’t pull that off today…here is how I make day to day decisions)

  1. Make it Accessible – I expect it to be accessible.
  2. Undue Burden + Not Important Content – If, and ONLY IF, you feel that making the content accessible will create an undue burden AND the content is “not important”…then come talk to me about it…and we will brainstorm solutions together.

In the end, I never want to waste your time.

What: Bone Marrow Registry Drive at UT Wellfest
Date: Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Time: 11am to 2pm
Where: Flawn Academic Center (FAC)
Hosts: Glenda Sims and Vicki Almstrum
Cost: 0$
Benefits: Hope, Life

I’ve learned a lot about Leukemia since my dear friend John Slatin was diagnosed last year. John was fortunate to find that his brother was a match for bone marrow donation. Did you know, only 30% of patients find a match within their family? That means 70% of leukemia patients rely on people like you and me to join the Bone Marrow Registry.

Is this your once in a lifetime opportunity to help someone live? Registry is simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Be age 18-60 and meet the health guidelines
  2. Complete a questionnaire and sign a form to join the registry
  3. Swab the inside of your cheek to provide a sample for tissue typing

Simple, painless and priceless. And did you realize that 90% of donors donate stem cells though a process that is very similar to donating blood?

We will also have information on Team in Training (TNT), a marathon that raises money to help fight leukemia, lymphoma and mylema.

So, I ask you, friends, consider signing up for the Bone Marrow Registry and/or Team in Training (TNT) this Wednesday, October 18th from 11am to 2pm at the Flawn Academic Center (FAC) at WellFest.

Life is whirling so fast it feels like I’m on a magical merry-go-round. Yet despite the speed at which things are happening…I’m still able to be completely in the moment and appreciate the beauty that is flashing before my eyes.

Highlights include:

If you know me well, you’ll realize this is a refreshing change of pace from the challenges on my plate. And while the challenges still remain…I’m grateful for these blessings…this balance.