My Mom, Genevieve Crovo Gelles (aka Ginny Owens) had the most beautiful voice. She began her singing career as a child, and took private lessons from Madge Fairfax. Soon she had to make the decision between opera or Broadway. She choose Broadway. You see, the Hammerstein’s (Dorothy and Richard) recognized Mom’s talent and asked her to come audition In New York.

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The fewer minds, the greater share of honour. God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one mind more. We few, we happy few, we band of a11y brothers; And a11y experts now-a-bed Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here, And hold their essence cheap whiles any speaks That fought with us upon ACAA day. […]

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As fall rolls around each year, you are likely to find me in my kitchen making gingerbread. My mom discovered this recipe when she stayed at the romantic B&B called Inn on the Creek in Salado, Texas. I believe, with all my heart, that it is the best gingerbread recipe on the planet! 2 eggs, […]

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A friend of a friend is dealing with a life threatening situation with her 10 year old son. On spring break, while on a cruise, the child, Justin, become very ill. A helicopter came to get him and fly him to a hospital where it was discovered he has acute leukemia. I cannot even imagine […]

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The International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) needs your feedback on our roadmap for accessibility certification. And we need you to help get the word out to the accessibility community. Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, that the IAAP really, really wants your feedback. Here is the roadmap as it stands now: A Conceptual […]

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I never really knew my Grandma Bertie. She died when I was just 3 months old. Every year, on her yartzeit, we would light the candle in her memory and I would hear the stories about this strong, loving, wise, brave woman. My mom recently shared a newspaper article written about Bertie Gelles by our […]

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I bet my accessibility toolbelt is bigger than yours! I’m always collecting free accessibility tools. Why? Because I like to see what each one does and how it can help me be a better tester. My current toolbelt includes: FireFox Accessibility Tools WAVE Toolbar Web Developer (Firefox Extension) HeadingsMap JIm Thatcher’s Favelets Jon Gunderson’s Accessibility […]

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Dearest darlingest friends ‘o mine, It will come as no surprise to you, that I’m part of a global ‘Hug Campaign’ sponsored by GISHWHES – a Guinness World Record attempt to collect at least 100,000 images of people hugging… and I need YOUR hugs! (by 3pm central time on Sunday, August 18, 2013) All you […]

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