My Accessibility Toolbelt is Bigger than Yours!

I bet my accessibility toolbelt is bigger than yours! I’m always collecting free accessibility tools. Why? Because I like to see what each one does and how it can help me be a better tester. My current toolbelt includes:

FireFox Accessibility Tools

In a class by itself, is FireEyes. A free testing tool that will blow your socks off (once you get it installed in a compatible environment). FireEyes is built on the following stack:

  • FireFox
  • FireBug
  • FireEyes

The “how to” for FireEyes installation at FireEyes FAQ

Once you install FireEyes….you will have the super power of accessibility heat vision that you have always craved!

Now…if you happen to be working in an environment where you want/need to test in Chrome and/or IE…here are some additional tools to consider:

Chrome Accessibility Tools

IE Accessibility Tools

So…now that I’ve shown you my toolbelt…will you show me yours? What accessibility tools have you discovered that I don’t have yet? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Would you happen to know which ones do best in very secure environments? I’ve had to get special permissions twice recently on gov type accounts.

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