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Dearest darlingest friends ‘o mine,

It will come as no surprise to you, that I’m part of a global ‘Hug Campaign’ sponsored by GISHWHES – a Guinness World Record attempt to collect at least 100,000 images of people hugging…

and I need YOUR hugs! (by 3pm central time on Sunday, August 18, 2013)

All you need to do is

  1. Take a picture of you (or someone you know) hugging someone else WHILE one of them holds a note with a message for the world. The message can be anything you want to say, even if it is simply a drawn smiley face. I put “Hugs make the world go round” on my sign…but you can put ANYTHING you want.
  2. Get the details on the Hug Campaign and how to upload your image (so it will count towards this Guinness World Record).

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
Happy Hugging!
Glenda (the goodwitch) Sims

Web equality. Cool super powers. No cape required.

Don’t wait! Whether you are a coder, a designer, a nonprofit recipient, or a volunteer you can join the coolest web design competition around. Sign up today as a super group or a single hero!

The Accessibility Internet Rally is a community hackathon with a unique twist – accessibility! Open-AIR increases awareness of the tools and techniques that make the Internet accessible to everyone – including people with disabilities. AIR benefits nonprofit organizations and schools in your community by providing them with free, professionally designed, accessible websites.

Teams of professional web developers learn skills to create accessible web content and then use those new skills to create accessible websites for local community groups. The result: dozens of professionally designed, accessible websites are donated to nonprofit groups and hosted for free for one year.

Get signed up now by by visiting Knowbility’s OpenAir Registration

10.23.13 Kick-Off | 11.23.13 Rally Day