I love to share my passion for accessibility. There is something incredibly satisifying about kicking down barriers to information. I’m inspired by the goals of the W3C, “Web for everyone. Web on everything.”

With this in mind, I wanted to share my own practical accessibility practice. When asked to test a site for accessibility, these are the steps that Glenda the Goodwitch takes:

  1. Validate – make sure the site validates by using the html validator and css validator.
  2. Test with my browser – turn off images, don’t use the mouse, turn off speakers, increase font size, change window size.
  3. Test with toolbars – (Web Developer Extension & Web Accessibility Toolbar) turn off CSS, turn off Javascript, set to Greyscale, display structure (headings, lists…)
  4. Run online accessibility tests on representative pages
    use more than one tool, example: WebXact & Wave
  5. Listen to a few pages JAWS or HomePage Reader
  6. Run a sitewide accessibility reportLIFT or WebXM
  7. Hands on accessibility testing with Users who have disabilities

Now I’d like to hear from you. How do you test your pages?