My good friend Andrea tapped me with this meme. So, curl up with your favorite cup of cocoa or tea and I tell you where I was…

One year ago I was finding my blog voice. At SXSWi 2005, I saw the power of social computing in action through blogs, flickr, delicious, etc. On 3/17/2005 I made my first post to and wondered if I had what it takes to really be a blogger. My boss suggested that I just had a passing infatuation with blogs…to which I now say, with over a year’s worth of experience… my love of blogs is real.

Five years ago
I had re-envisioned my career and my life…sketching out on paper how I wanted to live my life. And thanks to the wonderful support of my friends, family and spiritual director, I was able to turn my vision into reality. I helped my parents move to a wonderful new home nearby, I reduced my work hours to part-time so I could spend more quality time with my boys, and I found a job that let me explore my potential and really make a difference.

Ten years ago
I had finally become a mother, after years of broken dreams and heartache. My arms were finally full and my life was bursting at the seams. Wife, Mother, HRIS Manager, Daughter, Friend, Me….so many hats….and in stepped Mary Steinhardt, my instructor for “Seven Habits for Highly Effective People”. I still carry the cards in my portfolio from the lessons I learned that week.

Funny, how so many people groan when they get a meme. Guess I’m just different. I enjoy the chance to get to know my virtual and physical friends better while taking a moment for personal reflection (or just downright silliness).

So, let me pick 3 of my very dearest friends to pass this baton to: