My friend Meesh tagged me on this…

I AM high on life.

I WANT my iPod to wake up from it’s coma.

I WISH that we knew how to cure cancer.

I MISS lazy weekend mornings with my lover/husband pre-kids.

I HEAR Diana Krall singing S’Wonderful.

I WONDER what excitement awaits me behind door number 3.

I REGRET almost nothing (as a philosophy).

I AM NOT frilly.

I DANCE alone.

I AM NOT ALWAYS optimistic (but I try).

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS a sunflower fort.

I WRITE straight from my heart.

I CONFUSE reality with dreams (in the most delightful way).

I SHOULD learn to say “No” more often.

I START lots of conversations!

I FINISH my goals only to discover new ones.

And at the moment…I’m not gonna tag anyone…but I’m so glad Meesh tagged me!