I get impatient when the wheels of change move too slowly. That is why I maintain a URL outside my work space. Ahhhh…the relief of being able to go to my own URL and just do it. What is “It”? “It” might be:

  • making my site xhtml 1.0 strict
  • upgrading to the latest version of PHP in less than 30 minutes when I want to
  • installing an open source application and using it immediately
  • saying exactly what I think

And rather than these actions just being personally satisfying…I’ve found over and over again, that a “just do it” successfully implemented in my own space spurs change within my workspace. Not always…but often.

At this very moment, I’m reading a fascinating article by Andrew McAfee entitled “Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration“. Highlighter in hand…I’m marking my favorite passages. And I can’t resist sharing this one about the value of informal rollout of new technology.

You see, I ‘ve been begging for blogs for all students, faculty and staff at UT since 2005. And while some progress has been made…we still don’t have it. One of the many hurdles is the perceived need to write a policy to handle inappropriate content that could be created on blogs. (deep sigh) Why? Why do we think we have to write a damn policy just for blogs? Blogs aren’t any different than free speech on the west mall. Blogs aren’t any different than the free webspace we have for all students, faculty and staff.

So, I really resonated with this line in the article about wikis and blogs in organizations:

“…explicit policies about hate speech and harassment were unnecessary. Any (one) familiar with the organization’s culture and norms would already know that such content was forbidden, regardless of medium.”

I’ll keep begging for blogs and wikis for all at UT until they become a reality…because I believe they are a critical piece of the knowledge puzzle. Blogs and wikis bring out the storyteller in all of us, making it easier to discover what others are thinking. Everyone (yes, everyone) has something to contribute whether it is a comment, a fact, an insight, an edit, a link, a tag or knowledge.