I believe that to reach our full potential we need to find work that is challenging and satisfying, work that you can’t imagine not doing. I know, I know…that is a lot to ask for. Or is it? I mean, look at the amount of time you spend at work. For me, I can’t stand the thought of wasting that much of my life doing something I don’t love.

And while I’m not advocating that everyone should immediately quit a job they don’t love, I do council friends to ask yourself if you can find your bliss in your current work. If not, I urge you to begin designing your perfect job in your mind. Once you can clearly envision your dream job; you can begin to map out a realistic plan to make it happen. The first step is always seeing and believing.

As a manager, I love to coach and grow my colleagues. It gives me great joy to see them spread their wings and soar. Even when that means they leave. I can’t stand to see a caged bird.

So today, as one very talented developer, CJ Barker, leaves UT for Symantec, he reminded us of why people stay and why people leave. The original text is below. The text scratched out was added by my silly boss :)

Why People Stay (from Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em)

  1. Career growth, learning and development
  2. Exciting work and challenge
  3. Meaningful work, making a difference and contribution
  4. Great people
  5. Being a part of a team
  6. Good boss
  7. Recognition for work well done
  8. Fun on the job
  9. Autonomy, sense of control over my work
  10. Flexibility – for example, in work hours, dress code
  11. Money, Money, Money

Why People Leave (from Christian & Timbers study)

  1. Boredom or lack of challenge
  2. Limited opportunity for growth and advancement
  3. Lack of appreciation
  4. Low expectations and standards for the position
  5. Inferior / ineffective co-workers
  6. Lack of leadership or poor supervision
  7. Because they’re mean
  8. Because they don’t care

So, (looking you deep in the eyes), Do you love your job? if not, what are you going to do about it?