My new year’s resolution, upgrade my VMWare to the latest version, and add a Windows 7 virtual machine…so I can test on Mac, Windows XP and Windows 7…all on my magical mac.

So, I was happily running VMWare 3.x with no issues and still on Windows XP. JAWS was working like a charm with video intercept. I assumed that the latest version of VMware 4.1.1 would also support video intercept.

The upgrade from VMWare 3.x to 4.1.1 was easy. I just inserted the disk and followed my nose. But when I went to test how JAWS was working, I got the dialogue box on Freedom Scientific Video Intercept. The default selection when this dialogue comes up is: “Intall Video Intercept and Restart System”. But do NOT do it. I tried it and consistently get a blue screen and the option to start in safe mode. I selected “Last Known Good Configuration” and breathed a sign of relief when my Windows XP VM actually started up.

So, be forewarned, if you are running VMware 4.1.1 do NOT intall Video Intercept when prompted by JAWS. JAWS is going to ask you about video intercept every time you start the software. But don’t be lured into this danger zone. Just say no!

JAWS will still work on web browsers, but I’m under the impression that without video intercept, the JAWS cursor functionality and desktop software may not work correctly with the screenreader. See more about this over on the excellent article and conversation on the WebAim blog at JAWS, Window Eyes, Parallels and Boot Camp.