UT tower lit with an L

Do you still believe in miracles? I do. I’ve just witnessed two marvels of determination, teamwork and faith. One was on international television, the other took place in a private hospital room.

Lance Armstrong just won his 7th Tour de France. While some may be tired of his dominance in this sport, I personally found this 7th and final win to be the most meaningful. Yes it is exciting to have an Austinite become one of the all time great sports figures. But more than that, Lance represents hope for cancer survivors. Through LiveStrong, Lance has shared his victory over cancer with all who are diagnosed with this disease.

This year when I picked up my LiveStrong Bracelet, I also learned about the LiveStrong Survivorship Notebook. My eyes filled with tears as I read:

Knowledge is power.
Attitude is everything.
Survivorship begins with diagnosis.

I took this information to my dear friend who had just been abruptly wrenched from his daily life and thrown into the hospital with the label “Acute Luekemia”. We talked about the importance of the expert medical care he was receiving from the team of doctors and nurses, the riches of support from friends and family and his own absolute determination to live.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched my friend deal with his twist of fate like a true hero. I only hope that when I’m faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, I will be able to be as brave, gracious and resolute.

So today, I celebrate two victories of cancer survivors. Light the tower with an “L” and let’s drink a toast to life.