What happens to your website when disaster strikes? Do you have a plan? I remember the first time we discussed this here at the University of Texas at Austin. As usual…our group saw the humorous side. “Ya know, if Austin was a smoking hole in the ground, I just wouldn’t give a damn about the website.” roflmao “Like anyone would know to go to emergency.utexas.edu. How silly is that?”

Then, my brilliant boss (seriously, he didn’t pay me to say that) reminds us that 50,000 students attend our university and if a disaster did happen there would be a lot of very concerned family and friends who would be so grateful for any bit of information they could find about the situation.

As I sit and watch the horrible effects of hurricane Katrina and hear the heart wrenching stories of loss, it dawns on me, that emergency.tulane.edu is a very good idea. And even more interesting (as my co-worker Andy pointed out), it looks quite a bit like a blog.

Kudos to Tulane for their exemplary effort to keep information flowing during such a devastating situation. And as you climb into your dry bed tonight, consider sharing a bit of your good fortune with those who have lost so much. Donate to the Red Cross.