Glenda Sims Interviewed for Accessibility Podcast on the Non-Breaking Space Show

In April, I had the opportunity to talk about accessibility on the Non-Breaking Space Show. Emily Lewis, Dave McFarland and Chris Enns hosted this episode with a focused set of questions. Our discussion points include:

  • How did the goodwitch decide to specialize in accessibility?
  • What is universal design and how does it relate to accessibility?
  • Do you recommend using an accessibility checklist or a user interactive evaluation process?
  • How do people with disabilities use the web? What types of technologies and techniques do they use?
  • Is the average web developer/designer aware of accessibility?
  • How do you handle it when a client says “accessibility is too expensive for us to do?”
  • If you want to make your site accessible, what are a few first steps you can take?
  • What resources do you recommend for making the business case for accessibility?
  • What is driving the trend towards a more accessible web? Market factors? Legal Factors?
  • How are accessibility and mobile design related?

The podcast is posted over at the Non-Breaking Space Show at Interview with Glenda Sims on Accessibility. I encourage you to explore the treasure trove of interviews at Non-breaking Space TV and consider subscribing to the show on iTunes. Your brain and the web will appreciate it!