Shoo Fly – There is a bug in my PIE

Imagine my surprise, when I pointed my PDA browser (Pocket Internet Explorer aka PIE, Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows CE; PPC; 240×320)) to and my browser crashed! Ouch. There seems to be a bug in my PIE!

I couldn’t resist lifting up the hood to see if I could identify the culprit.

Designing for the Mobile Web

I have high hopes that the browser wars on the desktop will soon be over (yes, I’m an optimist). The power of web standards is becoming so clear it is impossible to resist. Whew, now we can all focus on quality design based on web standards and be more productive. Right?

Castle drawbridge creaks open to reveal thousands of different mobile devices each running a different mobile browser.

Art 2.0: Playground for the Mind

Just last week, I had the honor of visiting the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) to discuss the future of technology in museums. This museum is boldly discovering ways to engage their visitors while opening the vault of curator knowledge for public access. From the XRoom to the handheld museum guide with wireless location sensing, I’m blown away by what they’ve accomplished in such a short period of time.

To Have & To Hold: Siemens SX66

My love affair with the Siemens SX66 is now on day 18. While it still thrills me to have this sleek and powerful device in my possession, because it is just on loan to me, I can be objective about it. The key question, will I buy a Siemens SX66 for myself when (and if) I have to give it back? Considering that the price tag is currently hovering at $499.99, I’m certainly looking at the device with a critical eye. (No honey, hiding my credit card won’t help one bit.)

So, it is time to do a plus/delta on the SX66.

Living Inside a Movie

Is it just me? Or do you feel like you are living inside a movie as you wander through your day with your MP3’s overflowing in your ears? Does the music color your vision? I find that my life looks different depending on what track I choose. The music sets the tone for the scene… Continue reading Living Inside a Movie


Am I technofickle? Do I fall in love too easily with new toys? Or am I just all thumbs? Ask my boss or my husband…and you will get a resounding “YES”! But really, what do they know?