Power vs. Paper

I’m a booklover. One of my favorite places to be is in a bookstore, surrounded by the smell of books and ideas waiting to be discovered and explored. My passion for books goes back to my childhood, to my mother, who read to me every night and filled my room with books. As I grew, she carefully stored my books away to be rediscovered. I now read to my children from the very books my mother read to me.

I remember the moment when I first discovered the web. I opened my first page in Mosaic and the magic of having the biggest book in the world at my fingertips was electrifying. I wondered if the web could ever compete with my books and magazines and newspapers. I decided that curling up with a good hardback book, or reading the newspaper in my favorite chair was an irreplaceable experience. That was the 90s.

In the summer of 2001 I was handed an iPAQ 3670, my very first PDA, courtesy of Dan Updegrove & David Cook. And I felt like I was holding the world in my hands. I constantly challenged myself to use the PDA to its limits…to explore the edges of what it could do…to suspend my opinions and old habits and see what revolutionary treasures awaited.

More to come on my opinion of the book as we know it and the ebook.