Plain and Simple

A lifetime ago, or so it seems, I read a book that became a part of my heart. The book is “Plain and Simple” by Sue Bender. It is about the journey Sue took to live with the Amish and what she learned. For me, “Plain and Simple” was a breath of fresh air. I slowed down and questioned that materialistic self-centered society around me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still quite the pampered princess…but for a moment, I stopped and realized these important truths:

  • Life is more meaningful when I approach everything I do as sacred. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing laundry, reading to my son or presenting on accessibility. Every thing I do can be meaningful. It all depends on the spirit in which I do it, that is what makes the difference.
  • When I learned to stop resisting who I am…when I stopped trying to change myself into something I am not…when I trusted that there was nothing missing inside…I rediscovered me.
  • When it comes right down to it, I believe with all my heart, that life is all about love. When I’m in touch with my heart and when I follow my heart, I live my life fully.

That is my truth, plain and simple.