Struck by Lightning

Have you see the SXSWi logo this year? It looks like a lightning bolt and now I know why! I’ve just returned from the SXSWi Southwestern Connections party at the Beauty Bar. I’m still buzzing from the creative energy that flowed freely tonight.

In SXSWi style, I wandered around the room and introduce myself to people I didn’t know. This is how I connected with a Burner named Sparky. Sparky took me on a magic carpet ride through his personal discovery of Burning Man. It was an amazing journey that took my breath away.

He drew pictures with words in my mind. For a moment, I closed my eyes and I imagined that I was at Burning Man 2000, seeing the faces of man, the ribcage junglegym and the burning heart(h).

I was in awe…at how much his experience of Burning Man harmonized with my vision for museums and the principles of Web 2.0 that make my heart beat faster. His words still echo in my head

  • radical self-expression
  • radical inclusion
  • gifting society

The magic of SXSWi has begun.