Web equality. Cool super powers. No cape required. Don’t wait! Whether you are a coder, a designer, a nonprofit recipient, or a volunteer you can join the coolest web design competition around. Sign up today as a super group or a single hero! The Accessibility Internet Rally is a community hackathon with a unique twist […]

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Today, May 9th, is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The point of this day is to increase awareness of the importance of digital accessibility for all people. This outreach is for both geeks and non-geeks. It is for accessibility in learning, playing, working and enjoying life on the web. Because when it comes right down […]

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I’ve been living in the world of digital accessibility for over a decade now. I know so much about helping people who are blind, deaf and/or mobility impaired. But the area I’m weakest in, is cognitive disabilities. And, let’s be honest, that topic can feel overwhelming. Where are the lines about what is possible and […]

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In April, I had the opportunity to talk about accessibility on the Non-Breaking Space Show. Emily Lewis, Dave McFarland and Chris Enns hosted this episode with a focused set of questions. Our discussion points include: How did the goodwitch decide to specialize in accessibility? What is universal design and how does it relate to accessibility? […]

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AccessU is Knowbility’s annual conference that provides three days of accessibility classes and workshops. As Austin begins to warm toward summer, there is no cooler place to be than with the passionate speakers and instructors for this May’s AccessU! How can you resist all these wonderful accessibility courses and workshops from the world’s best instructors? […]

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Want to change education for the better? Even if you are not from Texas…I need your help! Please send an email to the Honorable Jimmie Don Aycock in support of HB 3586. (see sample letter at bottom of this post) Let’s make it loud and clear to the Texas Legislature that education needs to be […]

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The Amaze Digital Accessibility Grant is a $10,000 grant that will be awarded to the applicant whose submission best exemplifies an innovative technology or project that will contribute to removing barriers on the web. All applications will be reviewed by a panel of Deque accessibility experts, and a winner will be selected from the finalists […]

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Help us raise awareness Help us raise awareness of the cause of technology access for all – donate to Knowbility during Amplify Austin. Your support will help Knowbility support the cause of equal access to technology for everyone, including people with disabilities. Here is how you can help: Sign on to Amplify Austin anytime during […]

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