Blue Beanie Day 2009: Support Web Standards

my teddy bear wearing a blue beanie

Do you remember when you first became a web standards believer? (or do you want to know why web standards are important?) Whether it was last week, last year or last decade, it forever changes the way you create for the web. But, when was the last time you helped someone else understand the value of web standards? Until web standards have completely permeated our industry, it is important for us to continue to spread the word while producing content that illustrates the point.

If you haven’t heard, Monday, November 30th is “Blue Beanie Day”. What in the world is “Blue Beanie Day”?

Open Web Education Alliance: Educating the Next Generation

What SXSWi 2010 panel am I dreaming about? Without a doubt, it is:

Open Web Education Alliance: Educating the Next Generation

In the world of web standards, industry forms best practices, education instructs emerging talent—and neither the twain shall meet. A decade on, the rate of standards adoption across the school/street divide is dishearteningly poor. Join us to discover how curriculum building and strategic industry alliance can close the gap.

Donate to Accessibility via Derek Featherstone’s IronMan Challenge for Knowbility

You can help make the web a more accessible place by donating to Derek Featherstone’s IronMan Challenge.

Derek is competing in the upcoming IronMan Challenge in Lake Placid, New York on July 23. His goal is to raise $25,000 for Knowbility, an outstanding accessibility non-profit. If he meets that goal, Knowbility is eligible for additional matching funds from Janus!

It’s a great opportunity to support the wonderful Knowbility accessibility programs and to recognize Derek’s amazing effort! Please take a moment to pledge. If we all chip in, we can help Derek reach his goal while helping to sustain programs that ensure that everyone – including people with disabilities – can access the technology opportunities that have changed our world.

John Slatin Access U: Web Accessibility Conference

Knowbility Extends Early Deadline Discounts for The John Slatin Access U Training Institute, Austin, TX – May 11-12, 2009

Two days of classes in accessible information technology to help meet state and federal accessibility requirements.

In response to current economic conditions, the deadline for Early Bird discount registration rates for the John Slatin Access U training have been extended indefinitely. The announcement was made by the sponsoring organization, Knowbility, Inc.

Web Directions North 2009 in Denver

I’m thrilled to be speaking at Web Directions North (WDN) in Denver this February 2-7, 2009. This intimate conference is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your professional skills and rekindle your passion for all things web. The program has been handcrafted for web designers, developers and UX professionals to soak up the latest best practices. What makes WDN so special?

Accessibility’s Best Friend

So, you say you don’t have any blind or deaf users. Or at least you don’t have enough to justify the cost of making your web site accessible. Well, let me tell you, you have an incredibly important blind user. Millions of people consult with this blind user every day, asking for his opinion and seeking his advice. This blind user’s name is…

The Survey for People Who Make Websites 2008

The Survey for People Who Make Websites 2008

I encourage y’all to head over to A List Apart and participate in their 2nd Annual Survey for People Who Make Websites. Help ALA collect data that will allow them to draw the picture of the ways web design is practiced around the globe. And even better, by making this kind of data available we could have a positive effect on best practices and employment, and even enhance public understanding of, and respect for, our profession.

Who should take the survey? Designers, developers, information architects, project managers, writers, editors, marketers and everyone else who makes websites.