Validity – Yummy & Nutritious

Naively, I used to believe that making your site accessible and valid were just “no brainers”. However, my experience over the past few months has taught me that there are just enough conflicts between Valid HTML and Accessibility to make this quite a challenge.

Let me be 100% clear, that when forced to choose between accessibility and validity, I choose accessibility. No question. But that is my short-term answer. My long-term answer is…let’s get accessibility and validity to agree!

I really resonate with the mission of all of those who are working on web standards. When asked this week to explain why valid HTML was important, I responded:

CMS & Validity

What CMS tools are still generating invalid code? As a webmaster sitting on top of a recently purchased CMS (Stellent), I’m empowered to dive into the belly of the beast and make the code valid. Isn’t that the whole point of a CMS? To give us modular handles to keep our code neat and tidy.… Continue reading CMS & Validity


What do University of Texas Longhorns choose as their browser? In May 2005, 17.7% chose Mozilla!

Heard Any Good Movies Lately?

Friday, I had the pleasure of experiencing “The Incredibles” at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. In addition to a theatre full of accessibility compadres, free food and drinks (thanks Knowbility & IBM), we were given the opportunity to experience the movie fully captioned and with live audio descriptions. I think it is so cool that Austin has theatres that provide this service.

The Fox Wags His Tail!

Businesses are beginning to realize the value of a standards compliant browser. An article today in The Age gives exciting evidence that the usage of Firefox is almost at the “tipping point”. The point where IE must consider our beloved Fox a true competitor. I can feel the winds of change blowing stronger….Firefox Explorers