What do University of Texas Longhorns choose as their browser? In May 2005, 17.7% chose Mozilla!

Browser Usage Statistics for UT Austin’s Portal – Spring 2005
IE Mozilla
January 77.4% 12.1%
February 74.8% 13.1%
March 74.1% 14.1%
April 72.4% 16.0%
May 71.9% 17.7%

Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a frog…a frog?

Not bird, nor plane, nor even frog, it’s just little ‘ole me, Underdog!

Get Firefox


  1. When I was a youngster, my friends and I would watch “Underdog” all the time. One day, there was a kid watching with us that I didn’t know. He threw a pencil at me from across the room and it struck me just below my right eye. I am permanently scarred with little blue dot as a reminder. So I stand in solidarity with Mozilla against the pencil-throwing Microsofts of the world.

  2. Luv the new “look”! And your spot on the wizard list is well deserved. Your site makes me think and the fact that we work in similiar environments (higher ed) but in different situations, makes your thoughts and questions especially valuable to me!

  3. Mike Barras, I could just hug you for putting Firefox on Bevoware! Bevoware is the software download site for UT Austin students, faculty and staff. It is THE place to get your software if you are a longhorn.

    And for the curious…”Bevo” is the name of our longhorn mascot.

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