Digital Storytelling Workshop – March 19-21, 2007

Update: Workshop in Austin is sold out.

I wanted to let y’all know about a wonderful 3 day Digital Storytelling Workshop that is being hosted at UT, March 19-21st. This is the first ever Center for Digital Storytelling open workshop in Texas! Joe Lambert will lead this experience. Joe is the founder of the Digital Storytelling movement and author of Digital Storytelling-Capturing Lives, Creating Community. I had the good fortune to attend Joe’s sessions within the last year with some folks from the Blanton Museum. Joe’s workshop inspired us to create the Geometry of Hope Interactive Exhibit using the techniques we learned in this workshop + Pachyderm (the open source multimedia authoring tool).

If you have a story to tell…what are you waiting for?

Digital Storytelling Workshop – March 19-21, 2007

In 1993, Joe Lambert and his collaborators developed a unique workshop environment that assists people in creating video stories from their family photos and home video. It is based on a philosophy of emphasizing fundamental elements of good storymaking combined with a demystification of multimedia technology and tools.

We have helped over 10,000 people to mine powerful and effective tales from the pictures of their lives, or the lives of their loved ones. The stories have covered every conceivable topic: tales of survival and achievement; corporate brand stories, travel adventures; love stories, health and healing; oral histories about cultures, historic periods, and work experiences; and memorials to loved ones.

The class is a great introduction for the multimedia novice or the professional to working with digital imaging and digital video softwares.
The workshops include hands-on instruction to Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Express and script/storyboard development. The CDS teaching staff will give each student specific assistance on their projects, including design, scripting, and other issues regarding the specific use of their digital story.

Students will complete a 3 minute piece which will be output to disk and mailed following the workshop.

Course Objectives

  1. To provide students with an introduction to the tools of desktop video in a production context.
  2. To introduce storytelling methodology (point of view, emotional content, dramatic action) into a dialogue about new media content
  3. Assist students in completing a project.
  4. Provide a Digital Storytelling Cookbook.

Monday-Wednesday, March 19-21, 2007
North Office Building A (NOA)
University of Texas
Austin, TX

Price: $ 495 USD Individual project

To register email or for more information visit StoryCenter Workshops.

The world needs to hear your story.