Life Isn’t Fair & Anything is Possible

One of the best lessons I ever learned was “Life Isn’t Fair”. I was raised with the warped idea that you should always get what you deserve. While this concept may work with computers (they are so damned literal), I know not to take fair for granite.

Another tenet of mine is that “Anything is possible”. When I put these two philosophies together, I’m usually quite happy with the results. I know it takes hard work to make the impossible happen, and I see progress as a gift for persistence.

Yesterday, I was hit in the head with a brick that read “NOT FAIR”. I think you can still see the backwards imprint of those words on my forehead. What surprised me more than being hit by the brick was my current inability to remember that “anything is possible”.

Perhaps this brick hit too close to my heart and I’m afraid to believe. Damn, that is so unlike me. It is the antithesis of how I want to live.

So, I breathe in and I breathe out…and I keep repeating “this too shall pass”. Maybe in a few days I’ll be brave enough to believe.


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