Magic Carpet Ride

Have you ever seen a display of technology that took your breath away? In October 2002 at Educause, John Gage of Sun, amazed us all with a live demo of EarthViewer (aka Keyhole). Using satellite imagery, we took a virtual magic carpet ride from the Atlanta Convention Center to Harvard then to Tokyo then Paris. I was speechless.

When Google recently acquired Keyhole and gave us all the Satellite link from Google Maps, I thought to myself…cool, but the Keyhole app is soooo much cooler! I wanna take the magic carpet ride again and this time, I want to drive! So I headed to Keyhole and downloaded the 7 day trial version…which gives me “the ultimate interface to the planet”! And while Keyhole only runs on PCs, I swear it is worth the look.

So, if you’ve got some places on the planet that you want to see, or a need to feel like an astronaut flying over the big blue marble, run, don’t walk to Keyhole.

Disclaimer: While Keyhole does cover the entire globe with satellite imagery, they do not have high resolution imagery for the entire globe. They have focused on larger, US metropolitan areas initially, and will be adding much broader coverage in high-resolution detail over the coming months. List of high resolution cities.

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  1. Thats a shame. For the UK, I can only get :

    London – great, obviously.
    Gatwick – a chuffin airport
    Silverstone – a small village with a grand prix circuit.

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