My Mommy Reads to Me

Reading with Mommy

There is something magical about reading to a child. My mom read to me often and I cherish those memories.

One of my favorite books was a manuscript my mom had written, “Herbie Hic-up”. I’ve always dreamed of getting mom’s book published. She had sketched illustrations, but wanted an illustrator to bring the visuals to life.

Fast forward 40+ years. I may have grown-up, but I still dreamed of asking my favorite British designer, Jon Hicks, if he would consider illustrating my mom’s book.

2010, I finally asked Jon. I was so thrilled when he said he would give it a go…that I squealed and bounced around like a little kid. I may have grown older, but I have the heart and soul of a 4 year old (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).

Watch “The Tale of Herbie Hiccup” come to life.

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