My Museum

So…when you think of museums, do you think:

  • stimulating
  • interactive
  • fun
  • cutting edge
  • romantic

No??? Then you are missing out on the new museum! Old fashioned museums remind me of static websites…one way, one-size fits all…while the new museum is a place to explore ideas, art and each other.

Where did I learn about this? At the Blanton Museum at the University of Texas at Austin. In the past 2 years I’ve gone from a person who valued museums to a person who LOVES museums. I went from laughing at most contemporary art, to realizing that art isn’t just about realistic representation. Art is about ideas!

All of a sudden the canvas in front of me became a game…what revolutionary ideas are waiting to be revealed in this work of art? What facets of myself will I discover if I pause to think and experience the colors and lines? What can I learn about you if we explore these ideas together?

So, have you discovered the new museum? Or do you think I’m insane?


  1. Hey Glenda,
    I’ve never blogged before… hope I’m doing it right. I’m so happy you’ve discovered the wonderful world of art museums. Get ready for February 12–the Blanton’s grand opening!


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