Practical Web Accessibility Testing Tools

New Info About FireEyes Installation Added January 2013

I bet my accessibility toolbelt is wider than yours! I’m always collecting free accessibility tools. Why? Because I like to see what each one does and how it can help me be a better tester. My current toolbelt includes:

In a class by itself, is FireEyes. A free testing tool that will blow your socks off (once you get it installed in a compatible environment). I’ll admit, the installation process is delicate. FireEyes depends on having just the right versions of the following stack (updated Feb 22, 2013)

  • FireFox
  • FireBug
  • Java
  • FireEyes

Don’t forget to turn off automatic updates for FireFox and FireBug. And you must Disable the FireFox Blocklist (until we release the java-free version of FireEyes. coming soon).

Because this is such a moving target, we are centralizing the “how to” for FireEyes installation at FireEyes FAQ

I can’t wait for the java-free version of FireEyes to be in our hands.


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