Precious Time

Most days I remember how blessed my life is. I breathe deeply and live fully in the moment. I’m not afraid to open my arms and my heart completely. I’d rather be open and get hurt occasionally than forget to live.

As I reach out to my dear friend John, who is courageously savoring each moment…I’m totally humbled by his grace under fire. I can only pray that I will be so noble if life ever deals such a wicked challenge to me.

The fragility of life couldn’t be more apparent to me today.

Note: If you read John’s blog, be aware that the leukemia has resurfaced in his brain and it is affecting his spelling and typing…

“I know there are lots of errors in this text. Some of them are ordinary, everyday mistakes that I would have made anytime and corrected without a second thought. Some are not. I’ve decided to let them stand, because I want to document what’s happening; maybe there are data here that will help the doctors figure out what’s going on and how to treat it. Maybe not. I find it very painful to let the mistakes be.” – John Slatin’s Leukemia Letters


  1. That’s just awful about John, ugh. I lost a good friend to leukemia some time ago. I still have weird feelings about it. Prayers and best wishes to John.

  2. Thanks Pat…yeah…the word “leukemia” is quite scary to me…I lost a friend 6 years ago to leukemia. Thanks for the wishes and prayers…I can feel the positive energy and I’m sure John can too.

  3. Glenda, sad news – and thanks for letting us know. I’ve mentioned it on Accessify (see link above), as I’m sure that there are people who read that site who know (or know of) John. Hope that sends some more good vibes in the right direction

  4. Ian, Derek, Patrick, Mairi, Susan, Carolee, Leslie, Kathy, James…I’m giving John, Anna and Dillon your good vibes right now…sitting in his hotel room listening to “In the heart of the moon”…feeling hopeful.

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