What I learned at SXSW-Interactive 2005

SXSW-Interactive is about thinking outside the box. My brain is exploding with new ideas and perspectives.

Before SXSW-I

  1. I thought I didn’t have time for blogs.
  2. I believed the philosophy of the web “empowering people with information and the ability to do things themselves” was my best angle for evangelizing web accessibility.
  3. I thought SXSW was about the panels.
  4. I saw Flash as the future engine for many interactive apps.

After SXSW-I

  1. I realize that blogs have the ability to allow us to get a glimpse into each others perspectives and help us think creatively and freely share and build on each others ideas. Today as I look at a non-blog web site…I think “broadcast”, one-way, and “one size fits all”. And if you know anything about me…I most definitely crave interactivity.
  2. I believe a critical angle to making the web more accessible is to think about it from a business model. What is the ROI for the client to have an accessible web site? Thanks to Andy Clarke for helping me see this reality. But don’t worry, I won’t ever stop evangelizing the philosophy.
  3. I know that SXSW is about the people. Go to the panels, go to the parties, introduce yourself to the person next to you. Seek out new people. Find out what treasures are overflowing in the brains all around you. Talk about your passions and then listen. I mean really LISTEN. Suspend judgement. Truly try on the perspective of the brilliant human being sitting next to you. Then let the magic potion of ideas, words and reality transform your thinking and open your eyes to new possibilities.
  4. Okay…so I was right about Flash.

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