What Makes a Good Day?

Ever have one of those delightful days…where you seem to be moving with the rhythm of the world? When things you’ve dreamed about really happen? When unexpected gifts lead you to wonder…is this real?

Here are the things that made my day so very, very good:

  • Boston Meesh spontaneously invited me to Boston for New Year’s and then promptly scheduled and paid for my airline ticket. (thump…that was me hitting the floor…sorry for those of you who had to tolerate my skipping up and down the halls…or my valiant attempt to dump the extra adrenaline.)
  • B2evolution at UT – I’ve been dyin’ to install a multiuser blog at UT. Check out Longhorn Confidential running on b2e!
  • Blanton iTour – My favorite museum project (at least to date) got her link resurrected. My precious iTour…I’ve missed you.

And all of this…before lunch! I won’t list all the other delightful suprises that emerged. But I will ask you about your good days. What makes you smile (all the way down to your toes) or jump up and down with glee or perhaps even skip down the hall???


  1. Hope you have a good trip to Boston, we loved living in Worcester in the late 80’s, with trips into Boston at the weekends. Its a brilliant place.

    Enjoyed the students blogs I hope they continue with it. I would like to see more advise they might have for future students re, money, what their majors are like and what life issues they have found most difficult about being a student. Brilliant idea, once it takes off I am sure it will good online guide for prospective students.

  2. Hot coffee. Rhonda, Rhonda, Rhonda. Snuggles. Sunday night dinner crew. Getting my Holiday shopping done early. Wood burning fireplaces. Sharing stories. Spending time with my little cousins. Small re-modeling projects to our home. Playing with my friends’ dogs. Liking one of my paintings. Pajama pants.

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