Talking Head Videos & Captions

I’m questioning the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guideline 1.0 on captioning when it comes to “talking head” videos. I think the transcript of the video in XHTML format is more useful than the caption. In fact, I think captioning conflicts with the guideline to make sure users have control of time-based multimedia. Ever tried to read the captions flying by on the screen? Talk about a time sensitive flow of information!

Heard Any Good Movies Lately?

Friday, I had the pleasure of experiencing “The Incredibles” at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. In addition to a theatre full of accessibility compadres, free food and drinks (thanks Knowbility & IBM), we were given the opportunity to experience the movie fully captioned and with live audio descriptions. I think it is so cool that Austin has theatres that provide this service.

Countdown to Accessibility University

I can’t wait for tomorrow! Accessibility University begins! There is nothing quite like a campus full of web developers learning about web standards and accessibility. Add to that mix, a delicious array of accessibility experts and you’ll understand why this ubergeek is counting down the hours. …