Flat Hicks

Once upon a time
there was a brilliant
(yet humble)
designer named Hicks.
His work was known
throughout the land.
He laughed often
and had won
the deep respect
of his peers.

Then, without warning
a very large
wheel of cheese
fell on Hicks.


Hicks was flat.

What in the world
will Flat Hicks do
in his two dimensional world?

Stayed tuned to find out!


  1. It was quite an adventure landing that great bod! First I searched for the perfect photo of Sir Hicks himself. I plotted having a photographer take photos specifically for the creation of flathicks and then I discovered the most excellent American Family paper doll series by Tom Tierney. As soon as I saw the 1960’s dolls, I knew I had found flathicks’ body :)

  2. I laughed, I cried, or was it I was laughing so hard I cried tears of joy? Either way, your stories about Flat Hick during Bar Camp at Mr. Gs Pizzeria were to die for. I look forward to more stories about Sir Hicks.

  3. @Profzane…yes the saga of Flat Hicks will continue at SXSWi this year. The real question is…what will happen with Flat Hicks meets 3D Hicks (the real Hicks). Only time (and Flickr) will tell ;)

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