SXSWi – Digital Mecca

The journey has begun toward SXSWi. You can see the city transform as an infusion of energy, ideas, brilliance and creativity pour in.

It is as though Austin is singing her siren song:

“Cut a path
across the blue skies.
Straight in a straight line
You can’t get here fast enough.
Run. – George Strait”

For a magical moment in time, SXSWi transforms Austin into a digital mecca.

Come thirsty.
Drink deeply.
Dream outside the lines.


  1. Have a great time Goodwitch! Look forward to hearing about your fabulous presentations and all that you get to see. Which t-shirt are you wearing today??? :) rsc

  2. I just logged off from work and am now officially on vacation and Austin-bound!

    I’m really looking forward to finally meeting you f2f tomorrow. See you then!

  3. @ralph – ditto! I’m patiently waiting for Steph to land so we can go to dinner.

    @berta – i’m not wearing a t-shirt…so there!

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