3D Immersion

Can a monitor ever be too big? A computer ever too fast? NEVER! And while I’m achingly fond of handheld computers, I’m awed by the massive power and size of the Texas Advanced Computer Center’s Visualization Laboratory.

Talking Head Videos & Captions

I’m questioning the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guideline 1.0 on captioning when it comes to “talking head” videos. I think the transcript of the video in XHTML format is more useful than the caption. In fact, I think captioning conflicts with the guideline to make sure users have control of time-based multimedia. Ever tried to read the captions flying by on the screen? Talk about a time sensitive flow of information!

Let Them Be Little

ben graduating from preschool in his cap and gown, being hugged by his brother

My baby is growing up! My little Benny Bear will start Kindergarten this fall. Oh how I adore these early years. Crayons and Play-doh, Build-A-Bear and Dr. Seuss, T-ball and water balloon fights…I breath it all in deeply…not wanting to miss a single moment.

I do have to remind myself that in order to be fully present in the moment, I must experience it with all my senses and never try to pause or rewind. But I’ve caught myself clinging to this stage. Can we slow down? It is all moving too fast! And then I remember times in my life when I lingered too long while the world moved on. An empty concert hall after the performance. Silence. A resort after the conference. Lonely. A deserted racetrack. Lifeless. Time to move forward. Another adventure awaits! Don’t miss it, silly girl, because you were lookin’ back.

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Oops…you dropped your keys!

Are you blissfully unconcerned about the dangers of identity theft, phishing and online stalkers? Are you letting your personal information hang out for everyone to see? Or are you irrational in your attempts to conceal your identity? A post by Elly Thompson talks about phishing and illogical public response .


What do University of Texas Longhorns choose as their browser? In May 2005, 17.7% chose Mozilla!

A Musical Baton

A musical baton has been passed to me by Rob and Andy. So, cowpie and malarkey, may I have this dance? Total volume of music files on my computer: 749 mb (can you tell I’m a reader?) The last CD I bought was: Fight Test by the Flaming Lips Song playing right now: My Stupid… Continue reading A Musical Baton

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Heard Any Good Movies Lately?

Friday, I had the pleasure of experiencing “The Incredibles” at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. In addition to a theatre full of accessibility compadres, free food and drinks (thanks Knowbility & IBM), we were given the opportunity to experience the movie fully captioned and with live audio descriptions. I think it is so cool that Austin has theatres that provide this service.