Phone Browsing

So, I’ll admit it. I’ve been browsing the internet on my phone. Yes, it is still painful. Especially typing in the blasted URL. Can you spell T E D I O U S? But, pulling up some experimental UT Austin pda content on my phone and discovering that I can control a dropdown menu (as long as there is NOT an onselect) did give me quite a rush.

Countdown to Accessibility University

I can’t wait for tomorrow! Accessibility University begins! There is nothing quite like a campus full of web developers learning about web standards and accessibility. Add to that mix, a delicious array of accessibility experts and you’ll understand why this ubergeek is counting down the hours. …


. Imagine being aware of only two dimensions. Come on, play the game with me. You are a two dimensional shape, perhaps you are a circle. You are only aware of that which is on the same plane as you are. You know of north, south, east and west, but up and down are beyond… Continue reading Flatland

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Walking the Labyrinth

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? When my friend first invited me, I thought it would be like a maze. But instead I discovered that a labyrinth, by definition, has only one path to the center. There are no tricks or dead ends.

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Hear No Evil

Web pages should have good manners. They should not distract me with too much movement. They should work well in standards compliant browsers. They should be accessible. And pleeeeeeeeease, never surprise me with sounds!

Marauder’s Map

Where are you? That is the question o’ the day. With all of our mobile devices and wireless access…we can now find each other easily (when we want to be found), but interestingly enough, we rarely know where the other person is. And how often are you not quite sure where you are? Wouldn’t it… Continue reading Marauder’s Map