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So, I’ll admit it. I’ve been browsing the internet on my phone. Yes, it is still painful. Especially typing in the blasted URL. Can you spell T E D I O U S? But, pulling up some experimental UT Austin pda content on my phone and discovering that I can control a dropdown menu (as long as there is NOT an onselect) did give me quite a rush.

While I think it is still months away before normal people start doing this…my questions to you are this:

1) Does your phone have access to the internet?
2) Have you tried to browse the web on your phone?
3) Have you found anything useful?

I’ve got one. I’m picking up a friend at the airport, and it will be handy to know if his flight is running on time. So, I just found the American Airlines phone friendly url ( and armed with this URL and a flight number, I can keep tabs on the plane. Sweeeeet!


  1. 1. Yes
    2. Daily
    3. My Yahoo (including any RSS feeds you have):
    Yahoo Directions
    BBC News:
    BBC (in general):
    Google (Web, Images and Local, including maps):
    I also access my webmail through T-Mobile’s service, since webmail doesn’t really (to my knowledge) have a mobile equivalent…

  2. My phone does have access to the internet. Although I use it for sending email every now and again, and for posting to Flickr, I’d not really tried browsing in it until recently.

    I tried a few blogs I read and many of them failed because the download was too big. I found that if you go to a website via Google, it paginates the content into bitesize chunks.

    As for anything more useful than being able to read blogs on the bus, I’d have to say no.

  3. Shawn, thanks for sharin’ your mobile URLs…all of this phone browsing is making me wish for a new phone. I’m eyeing the Sony Ericsson S700i (damn you Jon!)

    Peter, a good dose of blogs for the commute is almost as good as coffee! I’ll admit I’ve been frustrated by the lack of 802.11b access the past few days. Featherstone kept getting his e-fix from his blackbery…while I would be sniffin’ for 802.11b on my Dell Axim X50v. When I couldn’t get wireless internet…I just gave up. Clearly, I’m wanting more screen real estate than my little Sony Ericsson t616 is going to give me!

  4. No, my phone doesn’t have access to the internet. I’m barely modern enough to even have a cell phone, and I can’t see reading much on that teensy screen anyhow. Your example is a good one, but I don’t see enough of those to bother paying for a phone with internet access.

    Maybe if they figure out a way to get it on a PSP

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