Multiple Choice Mobile Audio: Latest Research on Visitor Preferences

I’m thrilled to be going to Chicago, May 13-17 to the American Association of Museums this year to present on the panel “Multiple Choice Mobile Audio: Latest Research on Visitor Preferences”. What an honor to share our research beside people I deeply admire: Peter Samis (Associate Curator, Interpretation, SFMoMA), Johanna Jones (Managing Director, Randi Korn & Associates) and Leora Kornfeld (Principal, Ubiquity Interactive). What will we all be talking about? The panel description says:

Still Tingling: SXSWi Afterglow

Glenda and Rob. Photo taken by Rob Weychert

Sigh. Words cannot possibly describe the experience of SXSWi. It is true, this year’s event left me speechless (but smiling all the way to my heart). If you can’t imagine me at a loss for words, just ask Pixeldiva who saw me rendered speechless multiple times.

What is so magical about SX? Well…imagine…a place where there are no barriers to dreams, where ideas flow like a waterfall…drenching you with a creative fire so intense and pure that it feels like nirvana.

Moments of pure bliss for me this year include:

Podcasts & Lyrics

I’m in a quandry. I’m producing podcasts for my favorite museum and I want to make them very accessible. I’ve taken the time to add the transcript for each podcast to the lyrics metadata of each mp3…only to discover that the most current iPods deny me the joy of seeing the transcript/lyrics.

Digital Storytelling Workshop – March 19-21, 2007

Update: Workshop in Austin is sold out.
I wanted to let y’all know about a wonderful 3 day Digital Storytelling Workshop that is being hosted at UT March 19-21st. This is the first ever Center for Digital Storytelling open workshop in Texas! Joe Lambert will lead this experience. Joe is the founder of the Digital Storytelling movement and author of Digital Storytelling-Capturing Lives, Creating Community. I had the good fortune to attend Joe’s sessions within the last year with some folks from the Blanton Museum. Joe’s workshop inspired us to create the Geometry of Hope Interactive Exhibit using the techniques we learned in this workshop + Pachyderm (the open source multimedia authoring tool).

If you have a story to tell…what are you waiting for?

You Lick Marvelous: Seeing with Your Tongue

Have you heard about the latest research in technology that enables a person who is blind to see with their tongue? The device is called a brainport and it consists of cameras that send electrical impulses to the tongue. A person using the device can learn to interpret the impulses on their tongue as images.

Slides and Pachyderms in the Museum

Some works of art are instantly accessible. Take the slides at the Tate Modern (aka the Unilever Series: Carston Höller). You don’t need to read a label or know the title of this exhibit to connect with it. You can just experience it.

I believe Carsten’s slide is a challenge to all museums to invite your visitors inside the art…to create opportunities for people to be transformed by their experience.